Saturday, July 7, 2018

One man’s view: Don’t starve yourself for looks


By Marete Wa Marete

African women are sexier because they are not flat-chested and scrawny. Indeed, they are fleshy, amply endowed and curvy.

You do not have to be a student of philosophy to understand the aesthetics behind this kind of beauty.

You have seen men open mouthed gawping at a woman’s backside, their cleavages or busts (I cannot resist and sometimes, I stare even in front of my woman – its natural).

Compare this endowed African beauty with the women who, in the name of ill-understood concept “beauty” starve themselves to near-death.

They look so lanky like they need a couple of stones in their handbags to weigh them down lest they get blown away be the wind. They look sickly and sallow like they can do with fattening after having spent a month in a hospital bed. Add this to a jeans trouser torn all over – one that looks like it has been eaten by rats and an overdose of makeup that make them look like a vampire after drinking human blood.

You feel like pitying them. They really do not know that although mzungus may view such women as beautiful, there is something un-African about starving one’s self to look more appealing in the name of dieting - it is stupid unless you have exceeded the standard Body Mass Index (BMI) and are advised by your doctor.

African art and music has always praised well-endowed women. Now ladies, if some guy tells you to slim, just tell them to marry or date a snake. It makes sense!