Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Successfully navigate job search pathways


By Allan Kajimbwa

Thriving in a world of a job search needs a youngster who can carry confidence, professionalism, an open mind and commitment in his/her job search package. For the gesture of a job search comes in different shapes. And not being an easy or carefree one, are among the shapes. But regardless of these all, it is important to remain focused in building a truly fulfilling professional life as you create a foundation to getting a next job. It takes a lot of time, sacrifice and hard work, not to mention troublesome snags and plenty of speed bumps along the way.

Attached with the deficiency of an organized system of employment services in most of our countries, so your next job is not promised. Indeed, it is important to be well prepared, as I give you three tips to master and serve you well as you recognize the criticality of applying them as you mutate your ways through your job search.

Network and brand

Expand your network and brand yourself: Don’t be the type of person that always wants to be fed in your network. Be aggressive to understand that your network is your net worth. Don’t be that guy who is always behind his/her computer or phone. Go out to explore, interact with new people and build a strong network of not only professional but also competent people. This can help you grow as a person. Even if you’re still in school, take advantage of industry-specific conferences or conventions, attend youth leadership conferences, educative seminars, volunteering and leverage on-campus job fairs. This will help you not only grow as a person through the people you meet, but also challenge you to have a larger pool of choices on a basis of a career to pursue, improves your communication skills and experience.

The interview skills and the discouraging rejection: As your job search continues it is important to sharpen your interview skills. At times its difficult on what to expect in a job interview since every single one is different from the other. However, there are things you can do to make sure you’re well prepared.

Practicing a few times before the interview to gain more confidence and even looking up for the most common interview questions and then run through your responses to each, are few of the ways. Learn to trust yourself and claim space as you articulate your abilities. And as a young person you should know how to present yourself well and with confidence.