Five cargo ships dock at Dar port, TPA list shows

Thursday September 6 2018


By Hellen Nachilongo @musanachi60

Dar es Salaam. Five cargo ships with different consignments of consumer and non-consumer goods arrived yesterday at the Dar es Salaam port.

According to a Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) daily shipping list, the five ships those loaded with gas oil by Mogas Limited, roofing steels of MMI Steel Limited, roofing rolling and ammonium mitrate of Jumbo.

Names of ships listed on yesterday’s schedule were Jolly Quarzo, African Hawk, Mat FS Sincerity, Crown opal, Waal Confidence and MT Front Alter.

The list shows that only one ship namely Waal Confidence is expected to arrive tomorrow with steel consignment belongs to MMI Steel Limited while no ship schedule is listed on Friday.

On Saturday, the report showed that two ships namely Free State with bulk wheat consignment belongs to Salim Said Bakhressa (SSB) group, as well as Batam Trader with non-listed consignments were expected to dock at the port.

The current annual wheat production in Tanzania is 100,000 tons accounts for only 10 percent of total domestic consumption and the deficit is offset by imports.

However, reports have shown that the wheat market is currently stable with prices are experiencing a downfall trend, mainly in Kilimanjaro, the main producing region.