Putting the sizzle in the steak at Red Onion

Sunday August 12 2018


By Tasneem Hassanali

When you walk into a restaurant, have you ever ordered a dish that you found interesting in your neighbour’s table? It happened with me last month when I placed my order without looking at the menu or price (warning: at your own risk).

Upon finishing last-minute grocery shopping at City Mall (located along Morogoro Road) at lunch hour, I decided to find something to eat within the premises. Perusing through, I came across a restaurant that reminded me of Mumbai – Red Onion.

I recognised the owner as he used to initially own a small restaurant in Kariakoo, where I used to regularly go for my chilly paneers [an Indian cottage cheese dish] on Sundays. After exchanging greetings, I sat by a table neighbouring a young couple. Their food arrived sizzling and smoky on a hot metal/wooden plate. I inquired as to what it was. The waitress informed that it’s a steak sizzler and explained various options. I instantly placed my order.

My hot plate: Sizzler, a particular cut of steak, also available in poultry, is usually served on a searing hot metal plate so the steak sizzles when arriving at the table. My plate was definitely the centre of attention. I had ordered a French onion chicken steak.

The plate had a good portion of meat topped with pepper sauce, sauté onions and cheese. Boiled vegetables with herbs complimented the steak. Other side dish options available are mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, chips or rice.

Price: The steak sizzlers cost between Sh15,000 to Sh22000. One portion can be shared by two.

My verdict: The steak was nothing out of the ordinary but definitely worth the price. The sizzling plate surely added that little bit of sophistication in the dish.

Everything was fresh, hot and flavours were perfectly balanced. All in all, one more dish added to my list of favourites.