Bhoke is reborn in new apparel collection

Friday December 6 2019


By Mpoki Thomson

With a unique sense of style, not many will wonder how Bhoke found her way to the fashion world.

In fact, the TV personality who works for East Africa Television (EATV) as a host for a woman-centric show called ‘Dadaz’ has been in the fashion realm for a while now - dating back to the days when she produced a fashion and lifestyle show called ‘Nirvana’.

Today she’s decided to go all-in by establishing her own fashion house ‘Bhoke’s fashion home’ and launching a collection she rightly named ‘Reborn Collection’.

The Beat reached out to the former Big Brother Africa housemate and this is what she had to share about her new journey.

Tell us what prompted your decision to get into the fashion business?

Fashion has been a passion of mine since I can remember, I started going to thrift outlets when I was in school because I could get varieties of trends that were not available in boutiques. I have a passion in putting different outfits together to see how they’d fit.


You’re a media personality, does this new venture mean we will be seeing less of you on screen?

Not at all, in fact you will be seeing more of me on Tv

How did your love for fashion first manifest itself?

I had a passion since I was young but the love grew more when I started producing one of the leading Fashion and Lifestyle programs in East Africa ‘Nirvana’. It opened me to new avenues in the fashion industry. I met a lot of fashion designers, stylists, fabric makers, among others. This really prompted my love for fashion in a whole different dimension.

Tell us about ‘Reborn’. What does it signify and what sort of fashion trends should we expect to see?

The REBORN COLLECTION signifies a new wave, like a new person has been born in me, because for few years I felt lost creatively and this was my way of being born again. The collection consists of trendy outfits for a modern confident & independent woman who knows what she wants and goes after it unapologetically.

Take us through your work process. What’s the first step?

First step is designing the pieces that I want in the collection, then I go search for the right fabrics, after that, cutting, sewing and fittings follow – in that order.

Let’s talk about the team that you work with. What unique qualities do they bring to the table?

They are creative, very professional and extremely fast.

What’s your definition of fashion?

Fashion is a lifestyle, a way of life, it’s an identity.

How far do you plan to take your fashion journey?

I have so many plans that it scares me. But I want to learn the business slowly and see what I can bring on the table. Sky is the limit.

Should we expect any runway showcase from you in the future?

Most definitely, next year I’m planning to showcase in all the big fashion festivals and in the near future have my own event where I can showcase my work.