Why Yamoto reunion is a rather distant illusion

Friday November 10 2017

Yamoto Band

Yamoto Band 

By Paul Owere

Dar es Salaam. It is like everything he touches turns into gold, he is the lad with a Midas touch and he is enjoying every moment of it.

With 13 hits and seven videos under his belt, Dogo Aslay has left the other band members chasing shadows in the wake of his pursuit for a solo project.

His performances at the ongoing Tigo Fiesta have on many occasions left audiences asking for more as they sing along with him.

Songs such as Nyaku Nyaku, Natamba, and many others have become house hold names gaining massive airplay on radio stations and social gatherings.

He had a way of how to announce this meteoric rise by purchasing a German machine (BMW X5) which makes him the envy of many a Bongo Flava artiste.

In his own words he says it has all been up to his fans and that is why he is seeing some of his childhood dreams come true.

And guess what he has some bad news for Yamoto Band; he is not looking back and may be this could as well be the end of pending reunion into a mere illusion.

“I don’t think I want to go back to band but I appreciate all that I acquired while there because the band gave me a great fan base on which I rely on even today,” he told EATV in an interview.

According to him the break from the band routine had enabled each one of them to showcase some of the qualities that they could not have shown while under the band management.

Despite a reported rift between him and the other members of the crew the singer says he is happy with what the other members are doing as well.

“We were in that band because we all had something to offer, as of now I am ready to help former band members should the need arise,” says Aslay.

Enock Bella who has just released a single post the band days is his point of reference and he believes that he will come good soon.

Though there are those who have in the past tried to blame him for the split of the band, Aslay who was the reference point from the beginning was according to Mkubwa Fella only supposed to show the others some direction.

“When I started Yamoto, I wanted Alsay to hold the hands of the others so that they become popular. But business has changed and groups are no longer in demand. The fee for a group is very different compared to that of an individual artiste,” Fella told one celebrity website, Bongo 5.

In that interview Fella admitted that it was more of a business decision to let the boys go solo than a sentimental one as some people have suggested in the past.

“When people hear the fee Yamoto demands, they run away yet they can pay an individual artiste up to Sh1.8 million. We looked at the situation and decided, as management, to let each artiste earn from their own sweat,” he says.

Beka Flavour, whose ‘Libebe’ has become a great hit after the group went separate ways, seems to be happier alone, even operating under a different management team.

“There were many things I could not do when in a group- my verses were short and there were so many levels of consultations every time something came up. Now, I am doing my own thing” he says.

But as the sky now seems to be the limit for Aslay he commits to staying humble for he believes he is yet to the level of his dreams.

“ It is not even a year since I went solo, I am yet to reach where I want to be, and besides I just a young artiste who is yet to experience many things,” he says.