Former Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa told to go beyond book launch

Friday November 29 2019


By George Sembony @TheCitizenTz

Tanga. A presidential aspirant on the ruling CCM ticket during the 2015 general election, Dr Muzammil Kalokola, has challenged former Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa to go beyond the launch of his book by selling his ideas to the party’s top organs.

He challenged Mr Mkapa who recently lauched the best selling autobiography “My Life My Purpose’ to specifically trade his vision and ideas with CCM’s central and national executive committee.

He commended the former for his candid observations and acceptance of mistakes he had done during his term as President.

“I was impressed by Mkapa’s candid observation and acceptance of areas he did not perform well. I think this spirit is embedded in Mwalimu Nyerere’s philosophy as shown in his book ‘Tujisahihishe’,” he said.

He said the launch of the book should not be enough because the readership of the book was not very wide and “there is a big possibility of the ideas remaining academic.”

Dr Kalokola said that Mr Mkapa must now go further to a forum that can beneficially discuss his ideas and candid observations on Tanzania and help to start change.


“The launching ceremony is a good start and necessary forum to start serious meditation on what he has said and suggested. We must go further to help the nation to avoid similar mistakes,” he said.

He called on higher education institutions to initiate a debate on the making of a better tomorrow.

He brushed off notions as meaningless that Mkapa’s book was critical of the current regime.