EDITORIAL: Malawi key trade partner

Tuesday June 11 2019


Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) reports show that Malawi is among the leading users of Dar es Salaam port. Cargo traffic to and from Malawi grew at an average of 19.3 per cent between 2013 and 2017. However, challenges like multiple charges, consignment delays and unmitigated bureaucracydiscourageMalawi and other landlocked neighbouring countries from transacting with Tanzania.

Indeed, Tanzania has been losing much out of either ignoring complaints, or failing to act effectively in resolving the challenges -- thus tempting the countries to opt for ports in other countries.

Hopefully, things would improve after a special team of various regulatory bodies startedworking on the shortcomings.

Last week, the team visited logistics facilities in Mbeya Region, including the Malawi dry port, in attemptsto resolve the issues andboostbusiness transactionsbetween Tanzania and its landlocked neighbours.

If the challenges are effectively surmounted, businesses will continue touseDar es Salaam port. This would increase public revenues and create jobs for Tanzanians.

Speaking during his two-day visit to Malawi in April, President John Magufuli directed TPA and other regulators to ensure that all challenges are solved. We applaud the President for his keen interest in consolidating business relations with neighbouring nations, doing so to the best interests of the countries.