SBI Motor Japan officially establishes offices in Dar es Salaam

SBI Motor Japan officially establishes offices in Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam.  BSMO Company Ltd and SBI Africa Company Ltd have established the SBI Motor Tanzania office in Dar es Salaam, making it their first office in Africa.

The group has also partnered with Saint Parts Company LTD to provide a free repair service for cars purchased from the SBI Motor website.

This new service, according to the statement availed to The Citizen today March 24, 2021 aims at providing support for customers who are now required to inspect their vehicles locally.

The new development comes as a result of the recent change in import rules which requires imported used cars to be inspected on arrival.

Early this month, Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) said that actual inspection of imported vehicles upon arrival at the Dar es Salaam port could start early April.

To boost its efficiency, SBI Motor would be working in partnership with Afritel Systems LTD, which handles customs clearance and land transportation arrangements locally in Tanzania.

Furthermore, the statement adds that, SBI Africa in alliance with BSMO, has been focusing on used car exports as its core business in the African region. 

Thanks to this partnership, the group has already started selling cars in more than 50 countries worldwide and has achieved rapid growth, since beginning of the alliance in February 2021.

 “To scale the business in the region, local staff is set up ready to provide thorough support to all customers.”

The group is planning to recruit distributors across the East Africa region, as the business plans to increase the number of exports up to 10,000 units per month in the near future.