Harmonize and Rayvanny reunite for new collaboration

What you need to know:

  • The announcement has sent waves through the Bongo Flava community, given the tumultuous history between the two artistes.

In a surprising turn of events, Tanzanian music heavyweights Harmonize and Rayvanny have announced an upcoming collaboration, just days after Harmonize released his latest album, 'Muziki wa Samia,' which he has declared as his final album.

The announcement has sent waves through the Bongo Flava community, given the tumultuous history between the two artistes.

It has been seven years since the two collaborated on hits such as ‘Paranawe’ on December 10, 2018, and ‘Penzi’ on June 29, 2016.

Both these collaborations occurred when the two artistes were under WCB Wasafi records before embarking on their respective journeys in the music industry.

Both Harmonize and Rayvanny took to Instagram to announce their upcoming collaboration.

Harmonize's post read, "Never been in the studio with him for over 4 years. It’s fun that we are waiting for this one. Another hit in the game this Friday with my brother. I laugh a lot when I think about the times we used to wish bad things on each other, before we knew there is God and there is love. Here we go…"

Rayvanny, CEO of Nextlevel Music record label, posted a photo showing a leopard and an elephant in the jungle looking at each other.

Rayvanny often refers to himself as ‘Chui’ (Swahili for leopard) and Harmonize as ‘Tembo’ (elephant).

While the title of the song has not been revealed yet, the two declared that it would be a smash hit.

Back in 2021, the two were embroiled in a highly publicised feud, stemming from a complex relationship entanglement.

The beef between the stars nearly led to them exposing each other's private matters to the public, a dramatic episode that captivated their fans and the media alike.

The controversy erupted when Rayvanny was in a relationship with Paula, while Harmonize was romantically involved with her mother, Kajala.

The situation was further complicated by the fact that Harmonize was actively pursuing Paula.

Harmonize had even threatened to take Rayvanny and others to court over sharing malicious information about him on social media to tarnish his brand.

The feud escalated to the point where the government, through its regulatory body National Arts Council (BASATA), intervened to end the war of words between them.

BASATA issued a stern warning to the artistes, urging them to cease their damaging behaviours on social media, which were in violation of national regulations.

In a statement, BASATA said, “BASATA is deeply disappointed by the actions and behaviour of Tanzanian artists on social media, spreading defamatory information and videos. These actions violate Regulation 25 (1) – (8) of the Council’s regulations (Government Notice No. 43 of 2018). The Council warns and strongly condemns these behaviours, urging those involved to stop immediately. The Council will take severe action against any artist found continuing these illegal activities.”

Last year, both artistes decided to put their differences aside and focus on their music, which led to Harmonize inviting Rayvanny to his house after receiving an award on his behalf. This gesture marked the beginning of their reconciliation.

The news of their collaboration has sparked curiosity and excitement among fans, eager to see what the two can create together.

This development marks a significant moment in the Bongo Flava scene, highlighting the power of music to bridge even the deepest divides.

As anticipation builds, fans can look forward to what promises to be a landmark collaboration between two of Tanzania’s most influential artistes.