Government revokes ‘Tanzania Daima’ newspaper license

Dar es Salaam. Tanzania government has suspended the publication of Tanzania Daima daily newspaper today, Tuesday June 23, 2020 over excessive and repetitive nature of violations of the laws and the ethics of journalism.

A statement issued to the public by the director of the information department in the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Patrick Kipangula says that the local daily will not be allowed to publish or distribute anywhere in the country or abroad after its license was revoked.

“Efforts to warn, direct and remind the newspaper's editors to comply with licensing terms for more than a year have failed to bear fruits due to stubbornness, controversy, and contempt for the country's authorities and at times an obvious evil intent," the statement reads in part.

As a result, the statement reads, “under the authority conferred under section 9 (b) of the Information Services Act No.12 of 2016, the director of the department, has revoked the license of the newspaper after warning the local daily 10 times…”

 According to the statement, the newspaper itself has been forced to apologize twice for violating the professional moral code of conduct.

“In accordance with the law the publishers of the newspaper can re-apply to the director of the information department to be allowed to return to print and distribute, when they find themselves ready to follow procedures,” it further reads.

"They also have the opportunity in accordance with section 10 (1) of the information services Act 2016 to appeal to the responsible minister for information within 30 days if they are not satisfied with this decision," the statement adds.

It states that the government commended other media who continue to obey the law and adhere to the principles of the profession, warning that it will not hesitate to take immediate action against those who violate the legal and basic principles.