Man City striker and the importance of sleep and meditation


  • What Haaland is doing here is to remind us to fall back into the bed and mat and plate and lawn of nature. Then we too can score many goals in whatever activities we are involved in, on a daily basis

Last week this column discussed how regular exercise may contribute to slowing down the age process. In Africa we have the habit of saying we die “because God willed it.” It is true, if you believe so. But God also created us to manage ourselves.

Age is a number that may be “bargained” through correct living. This column loves life. Loves reminding how to enrich and manage and administer, our lives.

 Our same Friday chat forum sometimes takes and finds clues from the successful, hard-working and famous. One of the most exciting superstars in the media right now is goal scoring machine and striker of the celebrated team, Manchester City. Erm. The 22 year old Norwegian, Erling Haaland, has been averaging one hat trick (three goals); per match.

Some media enthusiasts say that looks like a new Pele, Maradona and Messi in the making. Although we should not rush into such grandiose conclusions, the huge blonde is smashing the English Premier League and causing eyes of defenders to pop out. He is the sort of roaring star like when we had that Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt on the scene, over a decade ago.

You remember Bolt?

The Norwegian centre forward is the cover issue for February 2023 of the GQ magazine. GQ used to be called Gentleman Quarterly, a publication aimed specifically for males in fashion, sport, sex, health and “other subjects”; and dates back to mid-20th century.



GQ is not cheap, by the way. ..

Costs 12.99 Sterling, which is approximately 38,000 Tanzanian shillings, per copy. Goal scoring machine, Haaland presented a side to him rarely seen in celebrities. Instead of talking about houses, cars, girlfriends and so on, he surprisingly blazed into a topic that some of us might find, what is the word? Boring.

Sleep and meditation. Sleep and meditation. Sleep. That is one thing we take for granted. Some of us sleep less than the required 7-8 hours a night and do not think about it.

Meditation is another downer. If you ask the average citizen, meditation might mean procrastination. Contemplation.

“Thinking on how we can get some cash to pay bills. Meditation.” Yet meditation is farther than just intensive thinking. It is a system of relaxation that has several techniques and styles. Zen Meditation. Yogic Meditation.

Transcendental Meditation.

How does sleep and meditation, help our health and wellbeing?

Haaland to GQ: “For me maybe the most important thing in life is sleep- not only a lot, but good sleep.”

In Swahili we have certain words describing sleep quality. Usingizi wa mang’amu ng’amu, means restless sleep. Disturbed sleep. We may sleep long but it is not good sleep.

And then there is “usingizi wa fofofo”- which is probably what the Man City star is on about. Deep relaxed sleep. He cites the word “stress” and how combating it through Yoga and meditation keeps him focused and relaxed.

How many times have we seen people with tons of wealth, power and material things but, not being able to chill and let go?

There are externals that deviate us to the path that we think is a relaxed state. Stimulants. Pick-me-ups. Alcohol. Fizzy drinks. Coffee. Cigarettes.


One internet explanation on stimulants argues: “Despite their name, stimulants do not work by increasing your stimulation.

They work by increasing levels of certain chemicals (“neurotransmitters”) in your brain called dopamine and norepinephrine. These neurotransmitters play important roles in your ability to pay attention, think and stay motivated.”

The idea of doing natural things to keep the body and mind “in order” has been around since the beginning of time. Nature has always wanted to stay that way. However, due to the arrival of technology we abandoned natural forms of eating, resting and keeping balance. Animals and plants still respect nature and balance.

Day time animals sleep at night while night creatures wander around till dawn. Plants like wise, follow light. We humans do not quite follow and obey the laws of nature and the cycle of earth, these days.

No wonder we have so many strange diseases. For example one of the outcomes of using mobile phones is we get over stimulated and cannot sleep. Most of us watch porn, violent or fake images to make us sleep. Lack of sleep is responsible for many diseases including bad concentration, laziness, blood pressure, fatigue, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes.

What Haaland is doing here is to remind us to fall back into the bed and mat and plate and lawn of nature. Then we too can score many goals in whatever activities we are involved in, on a daily basis.