JICA’s people-centred approach in Tanzania

For the safety of Tanzanian people – car maintenance industry in Tanzania promoted by ex-Japan Overseas Cooperation Voluntee

The COVID-19 crisis has seriously affected Africa’s development, and it is critical to quickly recover from the crisis and to build a resilient and inclusive economic and social foundations.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Tanzania Office is providing different development projects and programs in various sectors as well as Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) program with people-centered approach in Tanzania.

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) Program

JOCV program values a people-centered approach with the utmost efforts. JICA’s volunteer program is one of Japan’s cooperation schemes operated as part of its Official Development Assistance (ODA).

History of JOCV program in Tanzania

1967 -- Tanzania became the second African country to receive 30 JOCVs.

2017-- Tanzania celebrated the 50th anniversary of JOCV program in the country.

2020 -- Total number of the volunteer dispatch in Tanzania reached 1,679.

Mr. Tatsumasa URA, a math teacher volunteer at Fuka Secondary School at Shiha in Kilimanjaro region (2018-2020).

What has the JOCV program brought to the society in Tanzania?

The impact of JOCV program in Tanzania is significant and is lasting long even after Japanese volunteers left Tanzania. One of the JOCV’s objectives is “To give back the volunteer experience to society”. This objective has been achieved in various ways in the Tanzanian society by some ex-volunteers and their beneficiaries (Ex-volunteers are still active in the Tanzanian society).

Agricultural development in Africa has turned out to be my lifetime work,” says Mr. HASEGAWA, a former JICA volunteer at

Mr. Tatsuo HASEGAWA (JOCV 1995-1998) established Matoborwa Co. Ltd. in Dodoma in 2014. Women are noticeably active in the factory, which produces the nutritious, affordable and tasty food. The main products are snacks made from sweet potatoes cultivated by local partner farmers. This variety from Japan is suitable for dry land.

His three-year JOCV experience brought him fluency of Swahili, long lasting friendship, and his firm belief that Tanzania does not need aid but own development. “Agricultural development in Africa has turned out to be my lifetime work,” he says. Talking about his success in business, he modestly replied, “I am still on the way. I am not there yet”.

Agricultural development in Africa has turned out to be my lifetime work,” says Mr. HASEGAWA, a former JICA volunteer at Capital Development Authority in Dodoma.


Having started his activity as an auto mechanical teacher at VETA Mwanza in 2013, Mr. MUROYA Koji is one of 143 JOCVs who was dispatched to Tanzania as automobile technicians.

Presently as Manager at Saint Parts Co., Ltd, Tanzania branch, providing car spare parts and maintenance service, he emphasizes that regular vehicle inspection is necessary for safety drive.

He is also proud of his company’s services, which joined JICA’s survey on car maintenance industry in Tanzania from 2019 to 2021.

Talking about his experience in Tanzania as JOCV, he said that it was “a big change in my life”, which made him “LOVE” Africa. He says the friendly atmosphere of the Tanzanian society touched him the most.