Uganda Decides: Museveni inches closer to victory, Bobi Wine disputes results

Saturday January 16 2021
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By Daily Monitor

Kampala. Vote counting entered day two, Saturday, with provisional results from January 14 polls indicating- the race to presidency was narrowing down to a two-horse race between ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and National Unity Platform’s (NUP) Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, with over 69 per cent of the vote in at the National tally centre at Kyambogo, Kampala.

Mr Museveni, 76, leads with 4,340,134 million votes (61.98 per cent) while opposition front-runner and NUP presidential candidate, Bobi Wine has gained but is still trailing with 2,164,347 votes (30.91 per cent), according to Electoral Commission’s (EC) sixth batch of provisional results.

However, Bobi Wine rejected the results calling them "fake". He claimed that the Electoral Commission (EC) chairperson, Justice Simon Byabakama had disdainfully ignored malpractices that occurred during elections, including those at the expense of armed forces

 “The army and police in some places gave people pre-ticked ballot papers in addition to intimidating voters by their presence and influencing the electorate to vote in favor of incumbent president Museveni,” Bobi Wine said.

“We have gathered supporting evidence and it will be availed to the public once internet is restored across the country,” he added.

National army deputy spokesperson Deo Akiiki dismissed the claims calling them ‘malicious’.


“Those claims are aimed at tarnishing the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF),” he said.

Bobi Wine, whose results so far show has garnered some grass-root support since arriving on the political scene, told his backers that he was hell-bent towards pushing for an end to Mr Museveni’s 35 years at the helm of Uganda’s top leadership spot.

“Our battle is just beginning and far from over,” he said, Friday, during a press conference at his home in Magere, Wakiso district.

‘Every vote counts’

With the clock fast ticking towards 4pm of January 16, EC chairperson Simon Byabakama guaranteed that the nation will know president elect within the constitutionally stipulated 48 hours.

“Given the history of the nature of elections in this country, we don’t want to rush but every vote will be accounted for by Saturday and we don’t want to go beyond 48 hours,” he said.

Mr Byabakama responded to Bobi Wine’s claims on cases of electoral malpractice imploring him, “to show how results were released contrary to what was in 34,684 Result Declaration Forms under Kyagulanyi’s custody.”

‘Bobi Wine home siege’

Presidential candidate Bobi Wine earlier Friday said his home had been surrounded by soldiers.

“I am under military siege. My home is surrounded. The soldiers have jumped over the fence. They attacked my guard and made him roll in the mud,” Bobi Wine told Daily Monitor.

He said that the incident happened at about 5.30pm and he was not told the reason as to why his home had been surrounded: “When I tried to ask why they have done this, they said I should ask the spokesperson of the military. They are not talking to us,” he said.

Deputy Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire confirmed arrests of people with unknown agenda around Bobi’s home.

“It’s true that police and army are within the vicinity of his home and at least 3 anonymous people with unknown intentions have been arrested and are being probed,” he said.

His counterpart in armed forces and deputy army spokesperson Deo Akiiki acknowledged military presence around Bobi’s home.

**Provisional results carried in this story are accurate as per January 16, 2021 (12:10am Local EAT) with the 8th batch of provisional results from the Electoral Commission (EC) set for January 16, 2021 (9am Local EAT)

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