New halal bureau seeks recognition

Monday February 15 2021
halal pic
By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam. The newly established Halal Bureau for Tanzania is now seeking recognition from other bodies around the world to provide universal certification.

Mico International Halal Bureau of Certification Ltd Tanzania (MIHB) currently supervises slaughtering of animals in all abattoirs and slaughter houses in Tanzania to ensure foods adhere to Islamic laws.

The bureau was given such authority by the Supreme Muslim Council of Tanzania, according to the bureau’s secretary Sheikh Jumanne Kasonso.

He said it has applied to Hafsa Halal Organisation of Turkey and to the Malaysian government body in charge of Halal certification to be a member.

“Our objective is to strive to totally eradicate doubtful products through continuous inspection from the product sources to the consumer. We also want to maintain the strict criteria for universal acceptability and obtain international recognition based on professionalism,” he said.

He said the bureau is presently involved in certification procedures that include issuance of Halal certificates in slaughter houses, butchers, restaurants, kitchen and catering facilities and manufacturing firms.


He mentioned what they do in making sure of compliance to include thorough follow-up of the food preparation areas and monitoring the people involved.

About hygiene staff handling food, he said they should be medically examined prior to appointment and their health monitored periodically throughout their employment tenure.

“Clean and protective clothing should be worn by personnel handling,” he said.

He said Halal foods should be stored appropriately and separately from non halal foods and all stores and cold rooms should be labeled clearly.