Electric cars changing the face of tourism in Tanzania

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What you need to know:

  • The fact that E-Vehicles don't produce smoke allowing clean mobility through national parks, it creates a good environment for wildlife.

Dar es Salaam. The advent of electric cars on the Tanzanian market has changed the way tourists visit National parks in Arusha and the whole of the Northern tourist circuit, the cars are silent and do not emit any carbon dioxide.
Most of the cars that are being used are those that formerly used petroleum products but have now been converted into electric cars.
Speaking to The Citizen, Engineer Gilbert Minja, who is the operations manager of E- motion Africa Limited says together with their partners Hanspaul Group, Gadgetronix Company LTD, CARWATT SAS and Arusha Technical College (ATC), they can now convert fuel vehicles to Electric vehicles 100 percent.
 “The electric vehicles could be the future for next tourism experience due to zero pollution because does not emit carbon dioxide and since fuel prices are high, this clean mobility could be a substitute means of transportation into the wildlife areas,” said Minja.
The fact that E-Vehicles don't produce smoke allowing clean mobility through national parks, it creates a good environment for wildlife.
According to Minja, they are recharged by portable chargers (single phase and 3-phase), Wall Mount Chargers (single phase and 3-phase) and super chargers (only 3-Phase).
Minja said the charging of one car takes between six to 10 hours depending on the electricity supply mode (Three phase or single Phase) and the type of charger.
“Upon being fully charged, this can cover a distance of between 120 and 250 km depending on the terrain,” he said.
Minja also urged stakeholders, including Tanesco to plan EV adoption strategies to build charging ports stations in the national parks that can help easy access of charging the cars.
“ It’s also noiseless which makes tourist to move in the wildlife quietly without disturbing the animals or scare them in which gives tourists closer interaction with the wild animals without them feeling the need to defend themselves from an attack”
On his part, Tourism Confederation of Tanzania (TCT) and Tanzania Society of Travel Agents chairman Moustafa Khataw said the advent of electric cars into the sector is a breath of fresh air.
“This is a very good initiative for the eco-tourism and sustainability towards climate change. Tourists indeed appreciate the innovation in this area,” said Mr Khataw.

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He also hailed the impact of The Royal Tour which has led to an influx of tourists in the northern circuit with most of the tourists preferring to use electric cars.
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