Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What happens to us isn’t the problem; how we react is

Ms Terry  Ramadhani is a senior manager in the

Ms Terry  Ramadhani is a senior manager in the Human Resources Department, East Africa Aga Khan University 

By Terry Ramadhani

Whilst on my mini-hiatus, I took time to focus on various initiatives that I ordinarily do not have enough hours in the day to accomplish. I also took time to catch up with my fun activities such as digital media samplings, to hours on end reading various feeds, some infuriating and others cracking my ribs, all in good fun. Yes, I am admitting with no coercion, that from time to time I post items on my social media platforms, and it on occasion it could be liberally. It so happened that some particular weekend for reasons that I shall keep to myself, I shared numerous items with tag lines, emojis or emoticons and all the rest of the elaborate detail that comes with digital engagements of our day. Of course I was pleased and excited at the comments that some of my posts elicited, but no response caught my attention as a comment made by one of my close friends during a totally unplanned meet up a few days ago.

So, we bumped into each other at a social engagement