Magufuli gives appointees election nod

Tuesday July 07 2020

President John Magufuli swears in Mr James Kaji as the new director general of the Drug Control and Enforcement Authority (DCEA) at the Chamwino State House in Dodoma yesterday. In a surprise move, Dr Magufuli confirmed Mr Kaji, who was acting in the position, during the swearing-in of a newly-appointed regional commissioner and a regional administrative secretary. PHOTO | STATE HOUSE

Dar es Salaam. President John Magufuli yesterday signaled the greenlight to his appointees wishing to participate in the coming General Election - noting, however, that he would swiftly replace them with new appointees.

He said he would grant them permission to contest in the October 2020 elections.

Dr Magufuli gave the greenlight at the State House in Dodoma during a ceremony to swear into offfice Kigoma and Tabora Regional Commissioners (RCs) Thobias Andengenye and Dr Philemon Sengati respectively. Simiyu Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS) Mariam Mmbanga also took an oath before the president.

The Head of State administered the Oath to 10 district commissioners - witnessed by their respective RCs - as well as a municipal council director, five district executive directors (DEDs) and two town council executive directors.

Addressing the public, President Magufuli said the doors were open for appointees wishing to be granted permission in order to serve other interests - observing, however, that their positions will be filled immediately.

“Development activities and provision of services to citizens cannot be suspended until the return of released executives. Therefore, Mr Mnyeti (Alexander Mnyeti, the Arusha RC), you may request if you want to go,” he said.


He said those wishing to be granted permission would be given up to today, saying currently he was finalising processing permission- for three District Administrative Secretaries (DAS) - with Gairo and Malinyi included.

Dr Magufuli said that was after granting permission to Mvomero DC and DED and immediately filling the vacant positions.

According to him, it was a great sin to deny permission to someone who has opted to solve problems faced by fellow citizens instead of those assigned.

“Both the Mvomero DC and DED have been granted permission. That’s why the needy RCs are welcomed because go-ahead will be issued,” he said.

He said the process has enabled him to make thorough analysis of the new appointees - promising, however, that he would cooperate with them in the future to push forward the country’s development drive.

“The sworn in leaders should work hard and get satisfied with what they have as an important aspect in serving Tanzanians,” he said.

During the event, Dr Magufuli also confirmed the Drugs Control and Enforcement Authority (DCEA) acting director general, James Kaji, after being impressed by his work performance.

He instructed Chief Secretary John Kijazi to prepare pre-requisite documents for Mr Kaji’s swearing in to take place at the end of the event.

According to Dr Magufuli, Mr Kaji was recently televised by a local channel confiscating bhang in Meru District despite the presence of other government appointees.

“This shows that something is wrong with some of my appointees. Why should someone from headquarters seize illicit drugs in your area while the Officer Commanding District (OCD) as well as other law enforcers are there?” he questioned.

He instructed Inspector General of Police (IGP) Simon Sirro to remove the Meru OCD, Officer Commanding Criminal Investigation Department (OC-CID), Defence and Security Officer (DSO) and other police officers, saying they should be demoted if necessary.

The DCs who took an oath before their respective RCs (and their workstations shown in brackets) are: Colonel Mathias Kahadi (Biharamulo), Ismail Mlawa (Kilombero), Albinus Mgonya (Mvomero), Wilson Shimo (Nyang’wale), Abbas Kayanda (Karatu) and Martine Ntemo (Kibaha).

Others are Alnason Nguvila (Handeni), Lazaro Twange (Babati), Jamila Kimaro (Mpanda) and Salum Kali (Magu). The new Temeke DC, Mr Godwin Gondwe also attended the event.

DEDs who took integrity pledge and respective councils are Anastazia Tutuba (Same), Saad Mutambule (Arusha), Duncan Thebas (Newala ), Erica Yegella (Mtwara) and Hassan Njama (Mvomero.

The Mbeya City Council Director Emede Ng’wanidako, town executive directors for Nanyamba and Ifakara, Mr Mwailafu Edwin and Kayanda Mahinda also took an oath.