President Magufuli declares Tanzania free from Covid-19

Dar es Salaam. President John Magufuli has today July 20 declared Tanzania ‘coronavirus-free’, thanks to prayers.      

"We decided to pray to God to save us from the Coronavirus (Covid-19). God has answered our prayers,” he said at the State House in Dodoma during the swearing in of RCs DCs and officials he appointed a few days ago.   

He called on the newly appointed officials to keep marketing Tanzania as a destination while making the world aware of the fact that the country is safe.

Tanzania is safe and this is evident by the many airlines that are bringing tourists,” asserted Dr Magufuli.

He said for Tanzania to keep attracting more tourists, every leader at his or her capacity should be an ambassador for the rest of the world to understand that the country is safe.

“The good thing is that, people have started to understand the reality that Tanzania is a safe place,” he said. 

He added: Our enemies will speak a lot, but the reality remains to be that Tanzania is safe and that is why none of us here is putting on a mask. Does it mean we are not afraid of dying?  No, it is because corona has been eliminated.

Leaders who were sworn in today include the Njombe Regional Commissioner, Mr Marwa Rubirya, Natural Resources and Tourism permanent secretary, Dr Aloyce Nzuki and his deputy Dr Allan Kijazi,

Also on the list are Water permanent secretary, Mr Anthony Sanga and his deputy Ms Nadhifa Kemikimba, and Geita District Commissioner, Mr Fadhili Juma.